Pinnacle Academy Charter

Director's Message

I want to welcome all of the students, teachers, and parents back to Pinnacle Academy for the 2017-18 school year our second year of operation. We had some exciting news during the summer as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) issued us our initial full accreditation through 2020. The accreditation is backdated to July 1, 2016, so all of the courses our students took during the 2016-17 school year are fully transferable to colleges and universities.  
We have a lot planned this school year as we look forward to increasing our enrollment at Pinnacle Academy to 100 students. In addition, we will be offering online courses that students will take through Apex Learning. Apex has 81 courses already A-G approved through the University of California system that will transfer and are used by the universities for acceptance. Through Apex Learning, we will also be offering Advanced Placement Virtual Courses that will be taught online with a live instructor. There is also the opportunity to take Mandarin Chinese and German through their virtual school. You will also have the regular courses taught by our independent study teachers using the textbooks you would use at one of the comprehensive schools. Finally, we will have our first graduating class this school year and we will let you know exactly where the graduation will occur. I look forward to meeting all of you later this summer and welcome you to the Pinnacle Academy “Home of the Condors.”
Dr. Steve James, Director